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Equity in essence: a call for operationalising fairness in machine learning for healthcare
Wawira Gichoya, Judy; McCoy, Liam G.; Celi, Leo Anthony; et al

Clinician checklist for assessing suitability of machine learning applications in healthcare
Scott, Ian; Carter, Stacey; Coiera, Enrico

Applying natural language processing and machine learning techniques to patient experience feedback: a systematic review
Khanbhai, Mustafa; Anyadi, Patrick; Symons, Joshua; et al

Network graph representation of COVID-19 scientific publications to aid knowledge discovery
Cernile, George; Heritage, Trevor; Sebire, Neil J.; Gordon, Ben; Schwering, Taralyn; et al

How machine learning is embedded to support clinician decision making: an analysis of FDA-approved medical devices
Lyell, David; Coiera, Enrico; Chen, Jessica; Shah, Parina; Magrabi, Farah

Exploring stakeholder attitudes towards AI in clinical practice
Scott, Ian A.; Carter, Stacy M.; Coiera, Enrico

Developing a pulse oximetry home monitoring protocol for patients suspected with COVID-19 after emergency department discharge
Gootenberg, David B.; Kurtzman, Nicholas; O’Mara, Thomas; et al

Review of study reporting guidelines for clinical studies using artificial intelligence in healthcare
Shelmerdine, Susan Cheng; Arthurs, Owen J.; Denniston, Alastair; Sebire, Neil J.

Association of persistent acute kidney injury and renal recovery with mortality in hospitalised patients
Ozrazgat-Baslanti, Tezcan; Loftus, Tyler J.; Ren, Yuanfang; Adiyeke, Esra; Miao, Shunshun; et al

COVID-19 and beyond: virtual consultations in primary care-reflecting on the evidence base for implementation and ensuring reach: commentary article
Mold, Freda; Cooke, Debbie; Ip, Athena; Roy, Parijat; Denton, Susan; Armes, Jo

Development and validation of a machine learning model to predict mortality risk in patients with COVID-19
MStachel, Anna; Daniel, Kwesi; Ding, Dan; Francois, Fritz; Phillips, Michael; Lighter, Jennifer

Machine learning in medical education: a survey of the experiences and opinions of medical students in Ireland
Blease, Charlotte; Kharko, Anna; Bernstein, Michael; Bradley, Colin; Houston, Muiris; Walsh, Ian; et al

Adoption of clinical risk prediction tools is limited by a lack of integration with electronic health records
Sharma, Videha; Ali, Ibrahim; van der Veer, Sabine; Martin, Glen; Ainsworth, John; Augustine, Titus

Smartphone-based remote monitoring of vision in macular disease enables early detection of worsening pathology and need for intravitreal therapy
Islam, Meriam; Sansome, Stafford; Das, Radha; Lukic, Marko; Teo, Kelvin Yi Chong; Tan, Gavin; Balaskas, Konstantinos; et al

Women’s attitudes to the use of AI image readers: a case study from a national breast screening programme
Lennox-Chhugani, Niamh; Chen, Yan; Pearson, Veronica; Trzcinski, Bernadette; James, Jonathan

COP27 climate change conference: urgent action needed for Africa and the world
Zielinski, Chris; Atwoli, Lukoye; Erhabor, Gregory E.; Gbakima, Aiah A.; Haileamlak, Abraham; Ntumba, Jean-Marie Kayembe; et al

Developing, implementing and governing artificial intelligence in medicine: a step-by-step approach to prevent an artificial intelligence winter
van de Sande, Davy; Van Genderen, Michel E.; Smit, Jim M.; Huiskens, Joost; Visser, Jacob J.; Veen, Robert E. R.; van Unen, Edwin; et al

Dashboards for visual display of patient safety data: a systematic review
Murphy, Daniel R.; Savoy, April; Satterly, Tyler; Sittig, Dean F.; Singh, Hardeep

Evaluation framework to guide implementation of AI systems into healthcare settings
Reddy, Sandeep; Rogers, Wendy; Makinen, Ville-Petteri; Coiera, Enrico; Brown, Pieta; Wenzel, Markus; Weicken, Eva; Ansari, Saba; et al

Evaluating risk stratification scoring systems to predict mortality in patients with COVID-19
Chu, Kelly; Alharahsheh, Batool; Garg, Naveen; Guha, Payal