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Professor Yu-Chuan Jack Li
Taipei Medical University
Area of expertise: Artificial intelligence, patient safety informatics, medical big data analytics, clinical dermatology, clinical decision support system, machine learning
Declaration of Interests
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Deputy Editors

Professor Kerryn Butler-Henderson
RMIT University
Area of expertise: digital health education & workforce, EHRs, data analytics, information governance, ethics and integrity, management and leadership
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Dr Angela Davies
University of Manchester
United Kingdom
Area of expertise: Education and training, informatics, bioinformatics, digital transformation, implementation of blockchain/smart contracts in digital health systems, digital health technology, genomics, clinical bioinformatics
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Dr Karen Jean Day
The University of Auckland
New Zealand
Area of expertise: Qualitative studies (Grounded Theory or Action Research), consumer-focused research portals, internet of things, wearables, telehealth, personal health records, nursing, health information workforce (professionalism), competencies, accreditations, mental health innovations
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Assistant Professor Usman Iqbal
Taipei Medical University
Area of expertise: Health informatics, health information & management, health IT to improve the quality of care and patient safety, big data analysis, artificial intelligence, digital health, telemedicine, e-learning in healthcare
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Professor Michio Kimura
Hamamatsu University

Dr Matthieu Komorowski
Imperial College London
United Kingdom
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Professor Paul Krause
University of Surrey
United Kingdom
Area of expertise: Broad interests in AI, Machine Learning, Data Science and Distributed Computing Infrastructure (including web technology). Specialisations in Information Theory, Bayesian Statistics and Decision Theory. Increasing focus on application of Complexity Science to One-Health
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Dr Harshana Liyanage
University of Oxford
United Kingdom
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Dr Katie MacLure
Chair of BCS Health & Care Scotland
Independent Research Consultant
United Kingdom
Area of expertise: Digital health, technology enabled care, health inequalities
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Dr Sushil Meher
All India Institute Of Medical Science (AIIMS)
Area of expertise: Information standards & management, computable knowledge (guideline implementation), decision support, artificial intelligence, legal, ethical and regulatory (safety and security), innovation, patient-facing technology (Personal Health Records), methods (deep learning), data visualisation, simulation, process mining, applications (disease surveillance), biomedical imaging & image analysis, precision medicine, user experience, education and training

Dr Philip Scott
University of Wales Trinity St David
United Kingdom
Area of expertise: Mixed methods research, information and data standards, interoperability, epistemology, theory in health informatics, behaviour change, computable knowledge, clinical decision support, patient & public involvement
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Dr Harpreet Sood
NHS England
United Kingdom

Dr Mark Sujan
Warwick Medical School
United Kingdom
Area of expertise: Human Factors (Ergonomics), patient safety, artificial intelligence
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Social Media Editor
Editorial Board

Professor Elizabeth Borycki
University of Victoria

Professor Brendan Delaney
Imperial College London
United Kingdom

Dr Lyn A Hanmer
South African Medical Research Council (MRC)
South Africa

Professor Andre Kushniruk
University of Victoria

Professor John Mantas
Greek Biomedical and Health Informatics Association

Dr Freda Elizabeth Mold
University of Surrey
United Kingdom

Professor Niels Peek
University of Manchester
United Kingdom

Dr Lipika Samal
Harvard Medical School

Dr Nicola Shaw
Algoma University

Dr Marcela P. Vizcaychipi
Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust
United Kingdom

Dr Chun-por Wong
Ruttonjee Hospital
Hong Kong

Dr Li Zhou
Brigham and Women’s Hospital – Harvard Medical School

Advisory Board

Professor Elske Ammenwerth
University for Health Sciences, Medical Informatics and Technology (UMIT)

Dr David Bates
Harvard Medical School
United States of America

Professor Sabine Koch
Karolinska Institutet

Professor Hyeoun-Ae Park
Seoul National University
South Korea

Professor Charles Safran
Harvard Medical School
United States of America

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