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The clinical artificial intelligence department: a prerequisite for success
Cosgriff CV, Stone DJ, Weissman G, et al

Digital health and care in pandemic times: impact of COVID-19 
Peek N, Sujan M, Scott P

Perceptions of healthcare professionals about the adoption and use of EHR in Gulf Cooperation Council countries: a systematic review
Alanazi B, Butler-Henderson K, Alanazi M

Effect of a sepsis prediction algorithm on patient mortality, length of stay and readmission: a prospective multicentre clinical outcomes evaluation of real-world patient data from US hospitals
Burdick H, Pino E, Gabel-Comeau D, et al

Outcome measurement in speech and language therapy: a digital journey
Moyse K, Enderby P, Chadd K, et al

Digital health interventions for chronic diseases: a scoping review of evaluation frameworks
Bashi NFatehi FMosadeghi-Nik M, et al

Literature review: technological interventions and their impact on quality of life for people living with dementia
Sanders DScott P

Creating the Moorfields’ virtual eye casualty: video consultations to provide emergency teleophthalmology care during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic
Kilduff CL, Thomas AA, Dugdill J, et al

Extending an open-source tool to measure data quality: case report on Observational Health Data Science and Informatics (OHDSI)
Dixon BE, Wen C, French T, et al

Web-based decision-making tool for smoking cessation (Pare de fumar conosco) among patients with chronic conditions in Brazil : one-arm feasibility study
Cupertino AP, Cartujano-Barrera F, Basile Colugnati FA, et al


Performance of national COVID-19 ‘symptom checkers’: a comparative case simulation study
Mansab F, Bhatti S, Goyal D

A step-by-step guide to peer review: a template for patients and novice reviewers
Salmi L, Blease C

Clinician checklist for assessing suitability of machine learning applications in healthcare
Scott I, Carter S, Coiera E

COVID-19 and beyond: virtual consultations in primary care—reflecting on the evidence base for implementation and ensuring reach: commentary article
Mold F, Cooke D, Ip A, et al

Applying natural language processing and machine learning techniques to patient experience feedback: a systematic review
Khanbhai M, Anyadi P, Symons J, et al

How machine learning is embedded to support clinician decision making: an analysis of FDA-approved medical devices
Lyell D, Coiera E, Chen J, et al

Artificial intelligence projects in healthcare: 10 practical tips for success in a clinical environment
Wilson A, Saeed H, Pringle C, et al

Artificial intelligence-based prediction of transfusion in the intensive care unit in patients with gastrointestinal bleeding
Levi R, Carli F, Arévalo AR, et al

Development of a core competency framework for clinical informatics
Davies A, Mueller J, Hassey A, et al

Development of a data utility framework to support effective health data curation
Gordon B, Barrett J, Fennessy C, et al