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2019 (April – December)

e-Therapies in England for stress, anxiety or depression: how are apps developed? A survey of NHS e-therapy developers
Bennion MR, Hardy GE, Moore RK, et al

Technologies that transform: digital solutions for optimising medicines use in the NHS
Goundrey-Smith SJ

Clinician preferences for computerised clinical decision support for medications in primary care: a focus group study
Trinkley KE, Blakeslee WW, Matlock DD, et al

Digital innovation evaluation: user perceptions of innovation readiness, digital confidence, innovation adoption, user experience and behaviour change
Benson T

Why is it so difficult to govern mobile apps in healthcare?
Magrabi F, Habli I, Sujan M, et al

NHS Scotland’s Decision Support Platform: a formative qualitative evaluation
Cresswell K, Callaghan M, Mozaffar H, et al

Phishing in healthcare organisations: threats, mitigation and approaches
Priestman W, Anstis T, Sebire IG, et al

mHealth and big-data integration: promises for healthcare system in India
Madanian S, Parry DT, Airehrour D, et al

Patient perceptions and interactions with their web portal-based laboratory results
Robinson S, Reed M, Quevillon T, et al

Dietitians can improve accuracy of prescribing by interacting with electronic prescribing systems
De Waal S, Lucas L, Ball S, et al


The clinical artificial intelligence department: a prerequisite for success
Cosgriff CV, Stone DJ, Weissman G, et al

Digital health and care in pandemic times: impact of COVID-19 
Peek N, Sujan M, Scott P

Perceptions of healthcare professionals about the adoption and use of EHR in Gulf Cooperation Council countries: a systematic review
Alanazi B, Butler-Henderson K, Alanazi M

Effect of a sepsis prediction algorithm on patient mortality, length of stay and readmission: a prospective multicentre clinical outcomes evaluation of real-world patient data from US hospitals
Burdick H, Pino E, Gabel-Comeau D, et al

Outcome measurement in speech and language therapy: a digital journey
Moyse K, Enderby P, Chadd K, et al

Digital health interventions for chronic diseases: a scoping review of evaluation frameworks
Bashi NFatehi FMosadeghi-Nik M, et al

Literature review: technological interventions and their impact on quality of life for people living with dementia
Sanders DScott P

Creating the Moorfields’ virtual eye casualty: video consultations to provide emergency teleophthalmology care during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic
Kilduff CL, Thomas AA, Dugdill J, et al

Extending an open-source tool to measure data quality: case report on Observational Health Data Science and Informatics (OHDSI)
Dixon BE, Wen C, French T, et al

Web-based decision-making tool for smoking cessation (Pare de fumar conosco) among patients with chronic conditions in Brazil : one-arm feasibility study
Cupertino AP, Cartujano-Barrera F, Basile Colugnati FA, et al