Table 2

Cross-tabulation table of complete versus no-show visit within the entire cohort using the predictors suggested by the training/testing trees of the CART

Appointment statusTotal
Node3 (≤38.5 scheduled days, private insurance).Count54 734465659 390
4 (≤38.5 scheduled days, government insurance).Count49 407771157 118
5 (>38.5 scheduled days; clinic type is clubfoot/congenital foot, neuromuscular/cerebral palsy, early-onset scoliosis, hip, general paediatric orthopaedic clinic without designation and spine/scoliosis).Count8694187910 573
6 (>38.5 scheduled days; clinic type is fracture, hand/brachial plexus, lower extremity alignment, sports medicine and ingrown toenail).Count313412974431
TotalCount115 96915 543131 512
  • The no-show percentages for each combination of predictor variables are bolded. The no-show rate increases with each combination of predictors.

  • CART, classification and regression tree.