Table 3

Summary of no-show rates and OR (with 95% CI) for each of the four suggested categories predictive of no-show events

NodeDescription of nodeRate of no-show (%)OR (95% CI)P value
3≤38.5 scheduled days, private insurance.7.8ReferenceReference
4≤38.5 scheduled days, government insurance.13.51.8 (1.77 to 1.91)<0.001
5>38.5 scheduled days; clinic type is clubfoot/congenital foot, neuromuscular/cerebral palsy, early-onset scoliosis, hip, general paediatric orthopaedic clinic without designation and spine/scoliosis.17.82.5 (2.39 to 2.69)<0.001
6>38.5 scheduled days; clinic type is fracture, hand, lower extremity alignment, sports medicine and ingrown toenail.29.34.9 (4.5 to 5.23)<0.001
  • The p value for each node compared with the reference (lowest no-show) node is also shown.