Table 4

Logical framework

(programme resources)
(activates undertaken)
(products of processes)
(intermediate changes)
Wilhide 201621National guideline, standards of care, published literature and meta analyses, Behaviour change theories,
Disease-specific guidelines.
Identification of stakeholders by interdisciplinary teams,
Guiding the design of integrated clinical and behavioural interventions/ supporting actions identification for each essential behaviour/
Intervention identification by analysing on clinical guidelines standards of care, evidence based public health programmes, medicine and healthcare/
categorising interventions based on their strategic intent.
Monitoring support, education support, GPS-facilitated features, support meal planning, universal education videos and tips, logbook, real-time feedback, longitudinal feedback, Medication adherence tool, carb estimation tool
restaurant locator
Tailored healthcare provider report
Time management support, homepage design, Time-based ‘touchpoint’ messages
educational skills-building support
self-management tools.
Improving access to care,
Reducing healthcare costs,
Individualisation of user’s experience,
self-management educational curriculum,
patient–provider communication support,
patient engagement,
behavioural adherence support,
coaching support,
Improve clinical decision making.
Improvement of health in patients with chronic disease,
Improving quality of life