Table 3

Results frameworks

Author/yearAssistance objectiveIntermediate resultsHypothesised cause and effects linkageCritical assumptions
Beentjes 201523Estimating the added value of e-health will be possible because it is controlled by the standard Illness Management and Recovery (IMR) programme.Effective education (using hardcopy text books), patient technology usage experience, illness management and recoveryCauses: Objective planning and executive attainable steps towards recovery goals, coping actively with symptoms and stressors
Effects: Reducing relapse, set and achieve recovery goals, problem-solving skills and communicating skills.
Having connections with other important people, achieving personal recovery goals, reducing relapse of psychiatric symptoms, achieving goals and reducing relapse
Fico 201525Participatory development approach, and persuasive design techniques to engage patients in adopting positive self-management behaviours.Support patient monitoring, Personalised care, follow-up, easy to learn.Causes: providing physical and virtual spaces to address the needs of health practitioners
Effects: to implement more effective care provision, and empower patients to become coproducers of their own healthcare
Improve management and complication risk assessment, adopting positive self-management behaviours