Table 4

DQoL domains and mean ratings (adapted from Brod et al [24])

Domain (description)Rating of importance (on a scale of 1–5)
Self-esteem: Thoughts and feelings about themselves (frequency feels confident, satisfied with self, accomplished something, makes own decisions)3.66
Positiveaffect/humour: Frequently felt happy, cheerful, content, hopeful, found something that made them laugh, jokes and laughs with others3.55
Negativeaffect: Frequently felt afraid, lonely, frustrated, embarrassed, angry, worried, depressed, nervous, sad, irritated, anxious3.86
Feelings ofbelonging: Frequently felt useful, felt people liked you, felt lovable3.66
Sense ofaesthetics: Extent to which obtained pleasure from sensory awareness, appreciation of beauty (extent of enjoyment listening to music, listening to sounds of nature, watching animals or birds, looking at colourful things, watching clouds or sky)3.99
  • DQoL, Dementia Quality of Life Instrument.