Table 3

Matrix of solution effectiveness in relation to the DQoL model

DQoL domains
Solution categorySelf-esteem24Positive affect24Negative affect24Feeling of belonging24Sense aesthetics24
Large simple clocks/calendars17 26 36Used ‘By’ people with dementia22X
Motion sensor lighting22X
Smart pill dispensers17 27 28X
Reminder displays/Dictaphones22X
Boil Alert22X
Smoke alarms36 37X
Modified telephones36XX
Talking Mats32Used ‘With’ people with dementia22XXX
Games and entertainment applications23 30 32–34XX
Multimedia reminiscence applications/devices22 23 30 32–34XX
3D modelled familiar environments30XX
Old-fashioned radio/TV30XX
Telecare services (alarms and sensors)22 36 37Used ‘On’ people with dementia22X
GPS tracking devices11 22 36 38X
Fall detectors22 36X
Water/gas monitoring and control22 36X
Geofencing alarms22 36X
  • DQoL, Dementia Quality of Life Instrument; GPS, Global Positioning System.