Table 1

Topics discussed in the round table meeting

Definition of a ‘problem’, and consideration of ‘condition’ as an overarching termUse ‘problem’ as the overarching term to describe any type of entry in a problem list (diagnosis, symptom, social factor, etc).
What to include when creating problem and diagnosis listsGuidance should focus on the functional requirements of a problem list, and provide examples.
Certainty of diagnosesClassify diagnoses as ‘confirmed’ or ‘suspected’, and ensure that systems respect these attributes whenever information is transferred.
Problem and diagnosis attributesActive/inactive, priority, severity, body site, laterality, stage, clinical behaviour, evidence, manifestation, aetiology.
Reviewing and maintaining problem listsClinicians should update problem list entries in their domain at each encounter. Systems should enable sharing of problem lists; clinicians should not need to transcribe them from one system to another.