Table 1

Mean age profile of respondents by reported condition: in most cases, RVT was used with older people: maternity services and weight management engaged younger users

ConditionMean age (SD)Monitoring
Diabetes70.2 (10.9)TF3: Home hub (a device to collect data and send it to a remote computer), blood glucose, BP
COPD (respiratory)71.2 (8.8)TF3: Home hub, temperature, BP, SpO2
Bronchiectasis (respiratory)69.7 (4.6)TF3: Home hub, temperature, BP, SpO2
Stroke67.5 (14.8)TF3: Home hub, BP
Chronic heart failure81.7 (6.2)TF3: Home hub, BP, weight, 3-lead ECG
Hypertension72.0 (10.3)TF3: Home hub, BP
Dementia78.0Reported by respondents but not managed in TF3 service
Renal disease69.0Reported by respondents but not managed in TF3 service
Weight management56.2 (24.1)TF3: Home hub, weight
Maternity44.3 (15.0)TF3: Home hub, weight
INR65.4 (11.9)CoaguChek and web portal
Reported by two TF3 respondents but not managed through TF3 service. 16 INR patients were monitored by SET through U-Tell
  • bp, blood pressure; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; INR, international normalised ratio; RVT, remote vital sign telemonitoring; SET, South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust; SpO2, oxygen saturation.