Table 2

Reliability of each of the empowerment questions within the questionnaire

The remote monitoring system …Scale meanScale varianceCorrected item: total correlationCronbach’s alpha (range 0–1)
Assisted me in managing my health on a day-to-day basis21.4310.1580.7220.904
Reduced the number of health professional visits21.619.2410.8280.891
Prevented or reduced need to attend outpatient appointments21.789.0550.7150.906
Has helped me manage my own condition and become involved in healthcare21.639.7830.6990.905
Has given peace of mind21.5110.4050.6780.908
Has reduced number of GP visits21.589.3080.8170.893
Has prevented the need to attend emergency department and/or GP out-of-hours service21.728.8430.7670.899
  • GP, general practitioner.