Table 1

TeleEM activation criteria mapping to alert categories

Activation criteriaALERT categoryData source
Critical careESI 1ESI level
Critical careESI 2ESI level
Level yellow or red trauma resuscitationsTraumaDocumentation tool usage
Cardiac arrests or haemodynamic instability/shockCodeDocumentation tool usage
Intracranial haemorrhageStrokeDocumentation tool usage
Chest pain—including STEMI and NSTEMISTEMIDocumentation tool usage
Need for sedation—agitation or proceduralSedationDocumentation tool usage
Sepsis or suspected sepsisSepsisClinical decision support
Suspected shockShockClinical decision support
Neutropenic fever or fever in immunocompromised hostNeutropeniaClinical decision support
Unresponsive mental statusUnresponsiveChief complaint
Haemophilia with possible acute bleedsHaemophiliaMedical history, active care plans
Moderate or severe croupCroupChief complaint
Significant burns, neonatal fever, suspected child abuseOther CCChief complaint, vitals
VariousAntibioticsMedication ordering behaviour
Symptomatic atrial fibrillationAntiarrhythmic/antihypertensiveMedication ordering behaviour
Haemorrhage with current anticoagulation statusAnticoagulantMedication ordering behaviour
Adverse drug events, anaphylaxis, bronchiolitisEpinephrine/allergic reaction treatmentMedication ordering behaviour
Diabetic ketoacidosisInsulinMedication ordering behaviour
Respiratory failure or distressRespiratory treatmentMedication ordering behaviour, ventilator usage
Toxic ingestions, overdose or exposureReversal agents/overdose treatmentMedication ordering behaviour
  • CC, chief complaint; ESI, Emergency Severity Index; NSTEMI, non-ST-elevation myocardial infarction; STEMI, ST-elevation myocardial infarction.