Table 1

Overview of physical activity pattern measures

Outcome measureUnitSubmeasureBaseline*Intervention*Significance†
Physical activity intensitycpm‡958±2081019±174p=0.176
Total sedentary timemin/h§Total47.8±3.646.8±3.0p=0.239
Short bouts¶14.816.9p=0.022*
Medium bouts**15.115.9p=0.59
Long bouts††19.314.4p=0.011*
Medium+long bouts‡‡35.231.2p=0.004*
No. of sedentary boutsn/h§§Total3.75±0.624.11±0.66p=0.018*
Short bouts¶2.933.34p=0.013*
Medium bouts**0.490.54p=0.73
Long bouts††0.28±0.060.22±0.09p=0.016*
Medium+long bouts‡‡0.790.74p=0.109
  • *Reported in mean±SD, unless not normally distributed, then reported in median.

  • †Significant changes are marked by an ‘*’.

  • ‡cpm=mean counts per minute (10−3 m/s2) per monitoring day.

  • §min/h=sedentary minute per hour of wear time.

  • ¶<20 min.

  • **20–44 min.

  • ††≥45 min.

  • ‡‡≥20 min.

  • §§n/h=number of bouts per hour of wear time.