Table 1 Key information sources
First AuthorYearBrief titleContributionStep of framework
1Beauchamp1994Methods and principles in biomedical ethicsText book with an emphasis on the four core ethical principles (respect for autonomy, non-maleficence, beneficence and justice)Ethical principles
2Thompson2006Pandemic influenza preparedness: an ethical framework to guide decision makingProposed a framework including 10 ethical values in the context of influenza epidemics.Ethical principles
3Tangwa2009Ethical principles in health research and review processReports ethical principles and related case studiesEthical principles
4Malin2011Identifiability in biobanks: models, measures and mitigation strategiesDiscusses several key privacy characteristics specifically focusing on identifiability.Privacy principles
5Faden2013An ethical framework for a learning health care systemDescribes an ethical framework with 7 ethical obligations in learning health care systems.Ethical principles
6Di Iorio2013Cross-border flow of health information: is ‘privacy by design’ enough?Proposes a privacy assessment framework with 11 privacy factors.Privacy principles
7Babu2014An appraisal of the tuberculosis programme in India using an ethical frameworkSummarises a set of 5 ethical issues associated to public health initiatives.Ethical principles
8Willison2014What makes public health studies ethical?Provides ethical guiding questions for public health studiesEthical guidance questions
9O.E.C.D2015Health data governance: privacy, monitoring and researchProvides key health data governance mechanisms to maximise privacy risks and societal benefitsData governance and privacy guidelines