Table 1

Frequencies of variables during quarter 1 and quarter 4 of the study

VariablesQuarter 1Quarter 4
Total number of patient visits255289
Average number of appointment cancellations per month*10.054.94
Average time of arrival†9:00:2708:33:08
Average time of cannulation‡09:41:0308:58:53
Average time of discharge§15:02:0214:15:31
Average length of stay¶06:01:4805:47:09
Physician days at work**89 days78 days
Average time to cannulation††00:40:310:25:29
Total patient time after hours‡‡132:1549:35
  • *Average number of appointments that were cancelled due to non-availability of blood.

  • †Average time of patient arrival at the facility (hours:minutes:seconds).

  • ‡Average time patients were cannulated (hours:minutes:seconds).

  • §Average time patients were discharged from hospital (hours:minutes:seconds).

  • ¶Average time patients spent in the hospital (hours:minutes:seconds).

  • **Total number of days spent by all physicians at the centre (days).

  • ††Average time duration between patient arrival to the centre to the time patient was cannulated for treatment (hours:minutes:seconds).

  • ‡‡Aggregate of time spent by individual patient after 15:00 hours (hours:minutes).