Table 2

PROMs identified through the first step of the PROM-PGHD Development Method, the literature review

StudyPROM or similar instrument
Bird etal, 201639Borg rating of perceived exertion scale.
Visual Analogue Scale (pain and fatigue).
5-point Likert scales on enjoyment, and on perceived benefit.
Proffitt and Lange, 201540Game Experience Questionnaire from IBM.
System Usability Questionnaire.
Activities-Specific Balance Confidence Scale.
Stroke-Specific Quality of Life Scale.
Song and Park, 201541Beck Depression Inventory.
Relationship Change Scale.
Allen et al, 201342Mixed Reality Experience Questionnaire.
Kizony etal, 201343Motor Activity Log.
Kairy et al, 201644Stroke Impact Scale (quality of life).
Personal log of exercise time, feelings (motivation/appreciation), other services received and adverse events.
  • PGHD, person-generated health data; PROMs, patient-reported outcome measures.