Table 2

Mean scores of participant responses to survey items

ItemsMean score (SD)
1. Review the patient’s problems.4.37 (0.817)
2. Obtain information on investigation or treatment procedures.4.56 (0.753)
3. Obtain the results from new tests or investigations.4.45 (0.754)
4. Enter daily nursing care notes.4.69 (0.535)
5. Capturing patient observations at the health center4.21 (1.113)
6. Answer questions concerning general medical knowledge (concerning treatment, symptoms, complications etc).4.15 (1.061)
7. Obtain results of test and investigations.4.56 (0.783)
8. To check drug information (such as allergy and interactions).4.56 (0.811)
9. Write nursing care plans.4.18 (1.293)
10. Write nurse care worksheets (Ambulatory intakeform).4.49 (0.990)
11. Collect patients’ info for discharge reports.4.11 (1.570)
12. Document physical assessment of patients.4.57 (0.916)
13. How often does the system provide the precise information you need?4.44 (0.690)
14. How often does the information content meet your needs?4.42 (0.580)
15. How often does the system provide reports that seem to be just exactly what you need?4.34 (0.656)
16. How often does the system provide sufficient information?4.38 (0.649)
17. How often is the system accurate?4.34 (0.673)
18. How often are you satisfied with the accuracy of the system?4.29 (0.710)
19. How often do you think the output is presented in a useful format?4.25 (0.758)
20. How often is the information clear?4.27 (0.780)
21. How often is the system user-friendly?4.15 (0.899)
22. How often do you get the information you need in time?4.34 (0.722)
23. How often does the system provide up-to-date information?4.29 (0.710)
24. How often can you count on the system to be up and available?4.46 (3.162)
25. How often is the system subject to frequent system problems and crashes?3.37 (1.142)
26. Do you feel CIS are useful?4.57 (0.620)
27. Do you feel your performance has improved due to CIS?4.56 (0.656)
28. Do you feel the quality of your work has improved?4.51 (0.676)
29. Do you feel CIS is worth the time and effort required to use it?4.39 (0.806)
30. Do you feel quality of information has improved?4.51 (0.740)
31. Do you feel the CIS has been a success in your health center?4.58 (0.636)
32. Do you feel CIS is an important system for your health center?4.62 (0.699)
33. Do you feel safety of patient has improved?4.48 (0.799)
34. Overall, are you satisfied with the CIS in your health center?4.65 (0.676)
  • CIS, clinical information system.