Table 2

Overall results from database (2004 to 2016)

No of pregnancy cases
 Women with at least one pregnancy 243 005
 Total no of pregnancies found405 591
 Term pregnancies (delivered)333 689
 Non-term pregnancies59 884
 Unclassified pregnancies12 018
GP first aware within 12 weeks (%)
 All pregnancies75.9
 Term pregnancies (delivered)79.7
 Non-term pregnancies50.2
 Duration of pregnancies (days)MinimumMedianMeanMaximum
 All pregnancies42280243.4308
 Term -pregnancies (delivered)176280269.2308
 Non-term pregnancies429892.31279
Summary of ages for pregnancy cases
 Age at start of any pregnancy (2004 to 2016)102929.1669
 Age at start of first pregnancy (2004 to 2016)102929.2969
 Age at start of any pregnancy—2005113130.6169
 Age at start of any pregnancy—2015102928.9769
 No of clinical codes processed per pregnancy133.9949
 Pregnancies with two or more codes282 197
 Pregnancies with only one code123 394
  • GP, general practitioner.