Table 5 Time spent on computer use cases in the different phases of the consultations
Phase & Use TypeChurch (EMIS)Hills (EMIS)Seaside (Vision)Overall Consultation
GP1GP2GP3GP1GP2GP1GP2GP3Average TimeTotal (s)Percentage of usePercentage of time
Preparation1 m 8 s0 m 44 s0 m 44 s2 m 14 s1 m 33 s1 m 47 s1 m 3 s2 m 13 s1 m 32 s10,356100%
Overall computer use(6,6)41(7,7)29(6,6)21(17,35)68(25,28)22(27,32)56(6,13)44(4,5)190 m 42 s4,118100%39.8%
Reviewing history(6,6)41(7,7)28(6,6)21(17,27)61(25,28)22(27,30)53(6,12)35(4,5)190 m 39 s3,87194.0%37.4%
Patient Consultation10 m 11 s9 m 48 s10 m 47 s9 m 3 s8 m 39 s10 m 24 s8 m 53 s8 m 19 s9 m 29 s63,765100%
Overall computer use(7,31)99(7,24)117(5,11)122(16,62)102(25,165)178(25,146)122(17,192)238(3,12)752 m 28 s15,410100%24.3%
Reviewing history(5,14)49(7,18)46(3,4)79(11,41)68(20,52)40(25,90)44(2,5)87(2,5)130 m 55 s4,85331.5%7.6%
Updating history(1,1)6(1,1)10(1,3)133(3,7)19(23,72)57(9,15)28(17,94)93(2,4)391 m 0 s3,44322.3%5.4%
Referring patient(0,0)0(0,0)0(0,0)0(0,0)0(3,4)285(0,0)0(2,2)31(0,0)03 m 4 s9196.0%1.4%
Ordering tests(0,0)0(0,0)0(0,0)0(0,0)0(2,2)73(10,10)40(6,9)60(1,2)720 m 52 s9836.4%1.5%
Prescribing(5,13)73(4,4)110(2,2)45(10,13)79(17,32)67(22,30)54(12,13)54(1,1)521 m 7 s471230.6%7.4%
Use of information/external IT(3,3)26(1,1)47(1,1)172(0,0)0(2,2)84(1,1)106(0,0)0(0,0)01 m 11 s5713.7%0.9%
Post-Consultation1 m 34 s2 m 4 s2 m 19 s2 m 32 s1 m 10 s2 m 22 s0 m 78 s2 m 21 s2 m 2 s11,099100%
Overall computer use(7,9)82(5,6)130(5,7)139(17,34)119(17,28)59(27,43)136(4,7)66(4,5)1101 m 48 s8,891100%80%
Reviewing history(1,1)13(0,0)0(0,0)0(1,1)33(4,5)17(2,2)17(2,2)18(0,0)00 m 18 s1491.7%1.3%
Updating history(7,8)80(5,6)130(5,6)112(17,24)80(17,20)45(27,35)118(4,5)41(4,5)1091 m 29 s7,70486.6%69.4%
Referring patient(0,0)0(0,0)0(0,0)0(0,0)0(1,1)62(4,4)70(2,2)51(0,0)01 m 3 s4475.0%4.0%
Ordering tests(0,0)0(0,0)0(1,1)135(4,5)73(0,0)0(2,2)69(0,0)0(0,0)01 m 20 s5636.3%5.1%
Use of information/external IT(0,0)0(0,0)0(0,0)0(0,0)0(1,1)28(0,0)0(0,0)0(0,0)00 m 28 s280.3%0.3%

The average duration of computer use (for each actual use in the phase of consultation) is shown on aggregate and by type of use within each phase under each GP. The overall usage (for all consultations) is shown in the last three columns. The overall computer use is broken down for each GP: in each cell, the figures in brackets denote (consultations where computer used and number of bouts of use); the average use time in seconds is placed to the right. There were 7 consultations out of 112 where there was no computer use during the patient consultation (compared with Table 3)