Table 4

Outcome measurement description of studies reporting on data quality

AuthorOutcomeData quality areaOutcome measurement description
de Lusignan et al23Change over time in the score of 10 data quality markers10 data quality markers
  • Mean quality marker scores were calculated for each general practitioner by year in which they joined the Mediplus Database.

de Lusignan et al24Per cent change of completed patient records in blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking habits and patients asked to stop smokingCompleteness of patient information
  • Data on coding were collected at review meetings throughout the study.

Pan et al25Per cent of new patient height, weight and blood pressure records that were completeCompleteness of patient information
  • Data were collecting through the examination of the EMR of all patients included in the study.

Baer et al26 Per cent of new coded patient data of family history of cancerCompleteness of patient information
  • Data entered into the EMR were saved in a firewall-protected server to be used in the study.

  • Participants were also contacted by phone for an interview.

Nemeth et al29Per cent of new coded patient dataCompleteness of patient information
  • Primary healthcare practices submitted the EMR data electronically on a quarterly basis to the Practice Partner Net.

  • Data were then used to calculate performance measures.

Davis et al32Per cent documentation of asthma severityCompleteness of patient information
  • Preintervention data were collected through retrospectively reviewing patient records,

  • While postintervention data were collected through a chart review of the patients with asthma seen by residents in the primary healthcare practices.

Sweeney et al33Proportion of primary healthcare provider notes that were coded using the International Classification of Primary Care (ICPC-02) systemICPC-02 coding system
  • Data extraction on physician and nurse coding levels was done through the general practitioner coding software system at four times points in the 18-month period.

  • Meta-analysis results.

  • EMR, electronic medical record.