Table 1

Hospital key stakeholders and estimated number of users of the CMS

Key stakeholders
(personnel interviewed, n)
Total estimated number of usersReasons for using our CMS
Leadership (9)9
  • Access custom application (only for leadership) through CMS web page.

Medical directors (24)166
(directors, curators and residents)
  • Access the national e-prescription web page through a CMS custom link.

  • Upload medical tutorials.

Nurse supervisors (24)480
(registered nurse staff and nurse assistants)
  • Inform nurses of theirs shift rotation schedules.

  • Upload information about nursing service.

Chiefs of administration assistance (10)65
  • Upload general hospital information.

Chiefs of logistics and financial departments (2)73
(logistics and financial officers)
  • Upload logistics and financial information.

  • Linked Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)–Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application through CMS web page.

Technical service supervisors (5)55
(technical service officers)
  • Upload technical service progress.

  • Receive tickets from employees for technical support (exploitation of a CMS plugin for help-desk ticketing system).

IT centre (Department of Software Exploitation and help-desk staff) (8)8
  • Upload general information for the hospital.

  • Receive tickets from employees for IT support (exploitation of a CMS plugin for help-desk ticketing system).

  • Review doctors’ e-prescription network traffic.

  • Maximum estimated number of users who benefit: 856.

  • CMS, content management system; CRM, Customer Relationship Management; ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning; IT, information technology.