Table 1

Study series summary

MethodsStudy objectivesParticipants
Heuristic evaluation, coupled with virtual SME UI consultations (clinical, JLV and patient safety)Provide rapid feedback to the development team on the design of their connection error and warning feature.Three total SMEs (VHA):
  • One clinical

  • Two JLV support

Virtual SME interviews (semistructured); user focus group; wireframing; wireframe design walkthroughLearn if users understand the concepts of system status and connection error and gather user perceptions on employing a graphical representation of connection errors.Seven SME interviews
(six VHA, one DoD):
  • Six clinical

  • One JLV support

Seven users in Focus Group
(five VHA and two DoD)
Heuristic evaluation of wireframes;
virtual SME interviews (semistructured)
Since all user types do not always require information from all three data sources (VA, DoD and VLER), learn whether a proposed solution to reduce lengthy load times is comprehensible by users and can be done safely and effectively (ie, giving users the ability to turn off select data sources, at their discretion, to decrease the amount of information requested, to achieve faster response times).Seven SMEs
(five VHA, one DoD, one VBA):
  • Five clinical

  • One JLV support

  • One VBA SME

Wireframing; virtual SME UI consultations; virtual SME interviews (semistructured)Identify and understand user requirements for a data source selection feature, create wireframe designs and consult with SMEs to ensure the technical feasibility and appropriateness for users.Four SMEs
(three VHA, one DoD):
  • Three clinical

  • One JLV support

Virtual wireframe design walkthroughsObtain feedback from users for the data source selection wireframes, created in the above study, and recommend improvements.Nine users
(three VHA, three DoD, three VBA):
  • Six clinical

  • Three VBA SMEs

Iterative wireframing; virtual interviews (semistructured)Assist with the UI design to implement purpose of use privacy access controls for requesting and using community health partner digital data.Nine SMEs (VHA):
  • Six clinical

  • Three JLV support

  • DoD, Department of Defense; JLV, Joint Legacy Viewer; SME, subject matter expert; UI, user interface; VBA, Veterans Benefits Administration; VHA, Veterans Health Administration.