Table 2

Charlson Comorbidity Index inter-rater agreement

Charlson Comorbidity IndexCoded records (n)Audited records (n)% agreementκ coefficient95% CIProb >Z
Congestive heart failure152883.00.510.32 to 0.70<0.001
Cerebrovascular disease2496.00.32−0.18 to 0.81<0.001
Diabetes mellitus101590.00.32−0.06 to 0.58<0.001
Diabetes mellitus with end-organ damage211172.60.640.44 to 0.84<0.001
Connective tissue disease0496.00.00
Mild liver disease31683.00.06−0.12 to 0.240.203
Metastatic solid tumour10995.00.710.47 to 0.95<0.001
Any solid tumour161585.00.430.19 to 0.67<0.001
Myocardial infarction202579.00.400.19 to 0.61<0.001
Paraplegia1495.0−0.02−0.05 to 0.020.581
Gastric ulcer disease12079.0−0.02−0.06 to 0.020.692
Chronic pulmonary disease133279.00.430.24 to 0.61<0.001
Peripheral vascular disease31093.00.440.10 to 0.77<0.001
Renal disease222185.00.560.36 to 0.76<0.001
Moderate to severe liver disease1495.0−0.02−0.05 to 0.020.581
Leukaemia1297.0−0.01−0.04 to 0.020.557
  • Inter-rater agreement in Charlson Comorbidity Index as specified by kappa (κ) values between audited data and coded data by disease.