Table 3

Elixhauser Index inter-rater agreement

Elixhauser IndexCoded records (n)Audited records (n)% agreementκ value95% CIProb >Z
Congestive heart failure152885.00.570.38 to 0.75<0.001
Cardiac arrhythmia172176.00.22−0.00 to 0.450.013
Valvular disease21092.00.31−0.02 to 0.64<0.001
Pulmonary circulation disorder3297.00.39−0.17 to 0.94<0.001
Peripheral vascular disease61288.00.28−0.02 to 0.57<0.001
Hypertension334374.00.490.28 to 0.63<0.001
Paralysis1297.0−0.01−0.01 to 0.020.557
Other neurological disorder132180.00.300.07 to 0.530.009
Chronic pulmonary disease133079.00.400.21 to 0.60<0.001
Diabetes, uncomplicated71586.00.300.03 to 0.56<0.001
Diabetes with complications301381.00.460.27 to 0.65<0.001
Hypothyroidism1794.00.24−0.15 to 0.62<0.001
Renal failure223381.00.530.35 to 0.71<0.001
Liver disease62080.00.15−0.06 to 0.360.029
Peptic ulcer disease01981.00.00
Metastatic cancer4993.00.430.09 to 0.77<0.001
Solid tumour without metastases161385.00.400.15 to 0.65<0.001
Rheumatoid arthritis0495.00.00
Coagulopathy7392.00.16−0.02 to 0.410.035
Obesity42082.00.20−0.04 to 0.330.003
Weight loss12189.00.14−0.11 to 0.380.003
Fluid and electrolyte disorders302973.00.35−0.15 to 0.55<0.001
Blood loss anaemia0991.00.000.500
Deficiency anaemia61094.00.600.30 to 0.89<0.001
Alcohol abuse81088.00.27−0.03 to 0.570.003
Drug abuse4993.00.430.09 to 0.77<0.001
Psychosis2894.00.380.00 to 0.76<0.001
Depression51786.00.310.06 to 0.56<0.001
  • Inter-rater agreement in Elixhauser Index as specified by kappa (κ) values between audited data and coded data by disease.