Description of work tasks (WT) 6.1 and 6.2 of the TRANFoRm project:
WT 6.1:Requirements analysis of EHRs
1.Using the results of the EHR capacity study within the EGPRN and ESPCG networks (WT1.1), we will conduct an in-depth study of the most common EHRs systems used in Europe to examine the availability of API details. The scope of the study will include patient-held records, which may hold substantially less coded and structured data. These will include Microsoft and Google patient record systems – and countries where health cards are used.
2.We will conduct a parallel in-depth study of data repositories that can be used for clinical trials. We will look to identify local, EHR brand specific and health-system access points to primary care data. The types of data-access points we might be able to run queries on might include: 1) Billing or performance indicator extracts of routine data; 2) Sentinel networks or research network database and 3) National data extract systems with closed API. These may provide pragmatic quick win access to primary care data while a longer-term access is being developed.
WT 6.2:Requirements analysis of genotype data repositories.
We will conduct a parallel in-depth study of (genotype) clinical data repositories across Europe and their potential use for clinical research. The scope of the study will include structured genotype data and potential integration points with patient healthcare for biomedical and translational clinical research. Genotype data is normally held by Biobanks or other research organisations either as sample identification information or specific codes for Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs).