Table 2 Characteristics of the six participating practices
BHC health IT challenge/needFeature developedDescription of new BH e-Suite feature
Assessment and documentation needs
Reduce use of paper screening toolsBH assessment tab
Drop-down lists and templates of common BHC screeners build into EHR
Eliminate manual entry and tabulation of scoresTemplates auto-tabulate scores
Track scores over timeScreening scores displayed over time (date of screening noted) with an indication of risk level
Quickly select diagnosis codes and indicate the severityVisit diagnosisA drop-down list of diagnosis tailored to the BHC
Diagnosis can be annotated as mild, moderate or severe
Quickly document patient progress during appointmentsProgress noteSpeed buttons and free-text comment fields provided on assessment page for quick documentation
All of the features described above auto-populated progress note; BHC retain the ability to add free-text notes, as needed
Populate eligible BH billing codes for successful reimbursementLevel of service (LOS)Speed buttons configured with LOS codes used by BHCs for billing purposes;
LOS codes customised to include billable BHC encounters (Oregon only)
Information retrieval needs
Quickly identify personal and family history related to BH(1) Personal and Family BH history
(2) Snapshot
Pre-populate family history tailored for BHCs with commonly used information such as history of anxiety, depression, substance use, diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure
Quickly review BH history during a visitPre-populate patient social history using frequently used terms, including head trauma, insomnia, sexual abuse and trauma.
Provide a link to medical history for quick review
Summary section populated with BH relevant information (BH history, diagnosis and record of BH screening scores)
Monitoring and tracking needs
Mechanism to easily document goalsGoals, challenges/opportunities and follow-upTable created to document goals with a drop-down list of common self-management goals
Document/review patients challenges and opportunities to change/achieve goalsTemplate developed to quickly document/review common strengths and social barriers and comment box for elaboration on details
Track patient goals over timeThe summary section that provides a snapshot of the patient goals over time
Track patient panel for follow-up and outreachRepurposed existing space and tools – Reporting WorkbenchLists details to review for the patient’s next visit
Communicate scheduling instructions for Front Desk staff
Ability to forward the encounter with a message to another clinical staff member
Reminders function created in In Basket; BHC uses this to recall specific tasks.