Table 2 Optimisation processes
OrderOptimisation ProcessesCodedFrequency** (%)
Optimisation processes – Increasing efficiency [COLLECTIVELY]*13825.0
1a) Optimisation processes – Increasing efficiency – General437.8
2b) Optimisation processes – Increasing efficiency – Making workflow more efficient376.7
3c) Optimisation processes – Optimising practice/process/workflow274.9
4d) Optimisation processes – Increasing efficiency – Minimising time with EHR193.4
5e) Optimisation processes – Increasing efficiency – Right data at right time122.2
6Optimisation processes – Prioritising/validating requests/identifying requests and opportunities539.6
Optimisation processes – Adoption to standardisation [COLLECTIVELY]*539.6
7a) Optimisation processes – Adoption to standardisation448.0
8b) Optimisation processes – Adoption to standardisation – Standardising physician ordering91.6
Optimisation processes – Smarter decision support [COLLECTIVELY]*458.2
9a) Optimisation processes – Smarter decision support356.3
10b) Optimisation processes – Smarter decision support – Outcome-focused by driving actual intervention, not simple alerts101.8
11Optimisation processes – Forming committees/teams/groups437.8
12Optimisation processes – Improving patient care quality336.0
13Optimisation processes – Realising ROI, value, cost-savings295.3
14Optimisation processes – Effectively tracking metrics224.0
15Optimisation processes – Improving outcomes213.8
16Optimisation processes – Increasing safety203.6
17Optimisation processes – Using data in EHR203.6
18Optimisation processes – Meeting regulatory requirements173.1
19Optimisation processes – Improving documentation142.5
20Optimisation processes – Upgrade and implementing/building new features/modules142.5
21Optimisation processes – Stabilising the implemented EHR101.8
22Optimisation processes – Getting to/Maximising ‘model’ or ‘foundation’ system71.3
23Optimisation processes – Thoughtful change management71.3
24Optimisation processes – Improving physician/end-user adoption of EHR61.1
Total codes = 24552100.0
  • * [COLLECTIVELY] was added to aggregate similar codes for analysis purpose only. It was not an actual code.

  • ** Frequency (%) of observed theme based on coded time (e.g. increasing efficiency – General appears 7.8% out of the processes).