Table 4 Results of optimisation
OrderResults of optimisationDefinition or ExampleCodedFrequency (%)
1Realised ROI, value, cost savingsRealising substantial financial returns by utilising EHR (e.g. optimising and standardising physicians’ surgical supply selection process, resulting significant benefits), also included cost avoidance (e.g. preventing hospital admissions, decreasing reimbursement denials by payors)3818.1
2Improved quality of careFor example, early sepsis recognition by utilising a MEWS built in the EHR system3215.2
3Improved efficiencyFor example, more standardised note templates, order sets, streamlined workflow within the EHR system, less mouse clicks required2712.9
4Improved safetyFor example, decreased mortality rate2612.4
5Improved clinical outcomeFor example, decreased number of amputation for diabetic patients by optimising foot assessment workflow in clinics188.6
6Increased end-user/physician satisfactionFor example, due to less time spent in EHR and reduced burden of documentation167.6
7Capturing more core measure reportingFor example, maintaining certification such a stroke centre, trauma centre or earning quality recognition such as nursing Magnet status125.7
8Improved practice/process/workflowFor example, improved ED patient flow by using EHR data as metrics104.8
9Improved documentation/chartingFor example, key nursing documentation is more captured after reducing number of flow sheet rows and organising them to drive better quality of documentation83.8
10Increased patient satisfactionFor example, by the reduced waiting time in ED62.9
11Improved EHR systemImproving overall functions and reliability of the system52.4
12Improved compliance to best practiceFor example, increased number of orders for venous thromboembolism prophylaxis31.4
13Improved collaborationAmong clinicians31.4
14Reduced burden of documentationFor example, substantially leaned and refined nursing flow sheets documentation21.0
15Less training requiredDue to streamlined workflow and intuitive system21.0
16Improved usabilityFor example, easier to place orders, easier to find information21.0
Total = 16210100