Table 1 Country of origin of first author and scope of the submissions to Informatics for Health/Medical Informatics Europe 2017 (MIE 2017)
CountryTitlePage No
UKMeeting clinicians’ needs in the design of a Personal Health Record291
UKCommunity detection algorithms for analysis of biological networks292
UKWhich outcomes matter to patients? Comparing the relationship between patient-reported and traditional outcome measures on patient satisfaction in surgery293
UKClinical Decision Support for Diabetes in Scotland: evaluation of clinical processes and outcomes293
UKEvaluation of CPRD GOLD e-learning294
UKEvaluating the impacts on health outcomes of Welsh Government funded schemes designed to improve the energy efficiency of the homes of low-income households295
SpainInvolving physical activity in insulin recommender systems with the use of wearables296
UKSupporting biomarker discovery using text mining296
CanadaA new data opportunity for community nutrition surveillance: estimating spatial patterning of dietary behaviours using grocery transaction data297
TurkeyC3-Cloud: a federated collaborative care and cure cloud architecture for addressing the needs of multi-morbidity and managing poly-pharmacy298
UKThe Biomedical Informatics Network for Education, Research and Industry (BINERI) at the University of Leicester299
UKSimulated data: an object oriented approach300
GermanyUser-oriented oncological wiki through requirements prioritisation based on Kano-classification300
UKSharing the process: the performance and portability of the ICONIC de novo sequence assembly pipeline in a virtual environment301
CanadaA process evaluation of a web-based self-management tool302
South KoreaSharing medical images: challenging issues and lessons learned from pilot implementation at a tertiary university hospital in South Korea302
AustriaSemantic technologies for improved primary and secondary use of clinical data303
UKAutomating clinical pathways using executable business process model and notation305
UKGlobalSurg: enabling global health research in surgery305
USAA precision medicine approach to the prediction of kidney stones formation for an at-risk population of individuals admitted to the ER306
TaiwanGIS mapping of Dengue incidence in Punjab, Pakistan306
NetherlandsRisk factors for incident heart failure in a population-based cohort using linked electronic health records (CALIBER)307
UKePrescribing – how does it affect reported medication errors?308
SpainUsing the Nextflow framework for reproducible in-silico omics analyses across clusters and clouds308
CanadaDeveloping a set of administrative case definitions for identifying sleep disorders in ICD-coded data309