Table 5 Barriers and facilitators to optimisation
OrderDefinitionCodedFrequency (%)
Barriers1People, resistance to change1723.9
2Limited resources1115.5
3Bureaucratic process and/or multiple layers of approval1014.1
4Poor communication/poor channel to connect IT/IS1014.1
5Lack of standardised practice/process/policies79.9
6Time – too busy people/everybody calling highest priority68.5
7Difficulty in reaching consensus among stakeholders, competing interests45.6
8Lack of coordination between requests22.8
9Technically not possible to make it happen22.8
10Complexity of EHR11.4
11Misunderstanding optimisation as a sole IT project11.4
Facilitators1Dedicated resources, commitment4913.0
2Advisory councils/groups/executive committees4712.5
3Connection with users & business owners face-to-face or indirectly4311.4
4Informatics people3910.4
5Engagement – super users, end users, physicians338.8
6Engagement – operation/leadership256.6
7Regular meetings256.6
8Supportive leadership/management195.1
9Aligning optimisation with the organisation’s goals/strategies184.8
10Identifying champions143.7
12Usability test123.2
13User’s needs102.7
14Process improvement92.4
15Demonstrating value in optimisation71.9
17Good timeline to implement/test/train, not rushing20.5
18Culture of organisation driving improvement20.5
19Organisational change (e.g. leadership change)20.5
20Regulatory requirements/changes20.5