Table 3 Types of optimisation
OrderTypes of optimisationDefinition or ExampleCodedFrequency (%)*
1Increasing efficiencyHad four categories: 1) General; 2) Making workflow more efficient; 3) Minimising time spent with EHR and 4) Presenting right data at right time during the care (e.g. showing potassium lab results and renal function when a physician places a potassium order)11127.5
2Smarter decision supportRefining clinical reminders, integrated in workflow, outcome-focused4511.2
3Improving patient care qualityFor example, decreasing sepsis mortality by building a MEWS system within an EHR system338.2
4Realising ROI, value, cost-savingsEfforts maximising benefits of EHR systems in financial perspective297.2
5Optimising practice/process/workflowProcess improvement, for example, improving business process of getting payers’ authorisation for expensive imaging studies, thus, reducing denials and consequently, increasing revenue and satisfaction among all stakeholders276.7
6Effectively tracking metricsFor example, tracking ED patient flow metrics225.5
7Improving outcomesFor example, ensuring foot exam for diabetic patients215.2
8Increasing patient safetyFor example, screening allergies and drug–drug interactions205.0
9Using data in EHRUsing reporting function, business intelligence and analytics, research205.0
10Meeting regulatory requirementsJoint Commission, Meaningful Use, etc.174.2
11Improving documentationReducing/refining templates, simplifying nursing flow sheets143.5
12Upgrading and implementing/building new features/modulesFor example, implementing anaesthesia application after going live with an operation room system143.5
13Stabilising the implemented EHREnsuring stable and reliable function of EHR102.5
14Maximising ‘model’ or ‘foundation’ systemA vendor-specific term, meaning utilising vendor-provided basic system as much as possible71.7
15Thoughtful change managementControlling and coordinating change in EHR71.7
16Improving physician/user adoption of EHRDriving adoption of EHR specifically among physicians and clinicians61.5
Total = 16403100