ItemModel constructMeanStd. Dev
Errors as compared to reports that were scanned using optical character recognitionImpact on care3.920.81
Filing errorsaImpact on care4.070.87
Speed of obtaining patient resultsaImpact on care4.400.77
Speed of referralsaImpact on care3.410.74
Report reorderingaImpact on care3.490.72
Administrative staff workloadaImpact on workload4.130.85
Nursing staff workloada,bImpact on workload3.650.89
Physician workloada,bImpact on workload3.411.00
  • All items measured on a five-point scale where 1 = much worse with PhysicianConnect, 2 = worse with PhysicianConnect, 3 = no difference, 4 = better with PhysicianConnect and 5 = much better with PhysicianConnect

  • a indicates items retained in final model

  • b nursing and physician workload were discussed during phase 1 but not as having been significantly improved. They were included in the survey to provide a more fulsome assessment of the impact on workload in the practice.