Table 1 Models of technology acceptance in healthcare studies
AuthorStudyModel usedData collectionMethodology
Aggelidis and Chatzoglou42Using a modified TAM in hospitalsTAMQuestionnaireQuantitative (SEM)
Bennani and Oumlil9IT acceptance by nurses in MoroccoTAMQuestionnaireQuantitative (SEM)
Chau and Hu15Investigating HCPs’ decisions to accept telemedicine technologyTAM and TPBQuestionnaireQuantitative
Chismar and Wiley-Patton17Does an extended TAM apply to physicians?TAMQuestionnaireQuantitative (Regression analysis)
Gagnon et al.20Using a modified TAM to evaluate HCPs’ adoption of a new tele-monitoring systemTAMQuestionnaireQuantitative (Logistic regression analysis)
Holden et al.47Modelling nurses’ acceptance of bar coded medication administration technology at a paediatric hospitalTAMQuestionnaireQuantitative
Hu et al.18Examining the TAM using Physician Acceptance of Telemedicine technologyTAMQuestionnaireQuantitative (SEM)
Ketikidis et al.26Acceptance of health IT among health professionalsTAMQuestionnaireQuantitative (ANOVA)
Kijsanayotin et al.39Factors influencing health IT in Thailand in community health centresUTAUTQuestionnaireQuantitative (SEM)
Kowitlawakul6The TAM: Predicting nurses’ intention to use telemedicine technologyTAMQuestionnaireQuantitative (Regression)
Melas et al.41Modelling the acceptance of clinical information systems among hospital medical staffTAMQuestionnairesQuantitative (Multigroup analysis of structural invariance)
Sharifian et al.44Factors influencing nurses’ acceptance of hospital information system in Iran.UTAUTQuestionnaireQuantitative (SEM)