Table 8 Results (nursing staff perspectives)
n = 5Strongly agreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly disagree
Q1 – Could you and the patient see the doctor via the robot?2 (40%)3 (60%)000
Q2 – Could you and the patient communicate with the doctor?1 (20%)3 (60%)1 (20%)00
Q3 – Did you feel the patient could discuss any symptoms/issues bothering him/her?04 (80%)1 (20%)00
Q4 – Did the team effectively communicate vital signs/examination findings to the senior doctor?2 (40%)3 (60%)000
Q5 – Could you ask questions you had relating to patient care?3 (60%)2 (40%)000
Q6 – Did you feel patient confidentiality was maintained on the ward round?04 (80%)1 (20%)00
Q7 – Was the patient’s dignity preserved on the ward round?05 (100%)000
Q10 – Were you and the patient appropriately informed of the management plan?2 (40%)3 (60%)000
Q11 – Were you satisfied with the diagnosis and management plan?1 (20%)4 (80%)000
Q12 – Do you feel an appropriate amount of time was spent with the patient?04 (80%)1 (20%)00
Q14 – Do you think telecommunication ward rounds are a satisfactory solution if the consultant cannot be physically present in the hospital?4 (80%)1 (20%)000
Q15 – Would you be comfortable with regular telecommunication ward rounds?1 (20%)3 (60%)1 (20%)00