Patient Free Text Comments by Theme
Convenience/Recognition of Utility
“A very welcome alternative to use if doctor is unable to attend ward rounds”
“A very useful aid to have, to keep in touch with senior doctors who may not always be around if you need to speak to them”
“Really helpful because doctor has so many patients – helpful for both of us.”
“It’s very handy and safe. Any questions can be asked.”
“Initially surreal, I feel it is something that can become quickly established and accepted”
Caution re Replacement of Conventional Rounds/Measured Acceptance
“It is always nice to see doctor in person – a combination of the two would be ideal”
“The concept is useful when on occasion the consultant is not available. But there may never be a relationship if the (consultant and patient) only meet once or twice.”
“I would prefer to see the consultant more often than telecommunication, but wouldn’t mind occasional use.”
Areas for Technical Improvement
“Turn down the volume so the ward can’t hear”
“Perhaps re the volume, the patient may be inclined to raise his/her voice, plus because the doctor’s voice is amplified visitors and other ward patients may overhear. However, this is generally the case anyway.”
“Telecommunication device was a bit far away”
Staff Free Text Comments
“Excellent option when consultant not physically available”
“Great idea”
“High noise levels make privacy difficult even in normal ward rounds”