Table 4 RESPECTS© method of EHR communication
RReview the EHR prior to entering the roomBriefly review chief complaint, vital signs, problem list and recent visits if possible
EEntranceGreet patient, introduce self and build rapport before introducing the EHR
SSay everything that you are doingVerbalise all actions performed when using the EHR
PPosition of the computerPosition the computer so the patient is able to see the screen when necessary by putting the computer in the patient–provider–EHR triad
EEngagement positionBe in the engagement position during critical conversation with the patient
  • Eye contact

  • Body fully aligned

  • Proper body movement

  • Non-distracted environment

CComputer confidenceValue the computer, speak positively about the EHR
TTeachTeach the patient through use of the EHR
SSummarise and sign outVerbally and simultaneously provide a written summary for the patient
Sign out of the computer at the end of the visit