Table 1 Qualitative interview questionnaires
Question NumberQuestion
1What did you think about using the iPad computer program?
2What did you like about using the iPad computer program?
3What didn’t you like about using the iPad computer program?
4How easy or hard was it for you to use the iPad computer program? (Probe for why and what elements were easy or difficult.)
5What kind of information was in the computer program?
6What did you think about the information about COPD/emphysema/bronchitis that was included in the computer program? (Probe for quality, quantity, ease of understanding.)
7Was any of this information helpful to you in talking to your doctor? (Probe for which information, and why it was helpful.)
8Was COPD/emphysema/bronchitis discussed during your visit with your doctor today? If yes: Do you remember who brought up the topic of COPD/emphysema/bronchitis, you or your doctor?
9In what ways did using the iPad computer program help you talk about COPD/emphysema/bronchitis with your doctor?
10[Alternate if did not talk about COPD]: If after going through the computer program about COPD/emphysema/bronchitis, it turns out this was not discussed today, was there anything in the program that made you think about bringing it up with the doctor today or at some point? (Probe about what they wanted to bring up and why they did not.)
11Have you ever been told that you have COPD/emphysema/bronchitis, or are at risk for developing COPD/emphysema/bronchitis? (Probe about when, by whom and why they think about this.)
12What did you think about the information in the iPad computer program about the breathing test called spirometry?
13Did you ask your provider about getting a spirometry test? (If yes, probe about why and how the doctor responded. If no, probe about why not.)
14What do you think might make this computer program better or more helpful to patients?