Table 7 Themes, codes, counts and exerts from usability exit question
Question: Did you find the tool easy to use, and what did or didn’t you like about the tool?
ResponseN (%)Codes on detailNIllustrative Example Quotes
n/a or no clear answer20 (22)
Easy67 (72)Liked format e.g. standardisation, layout5‘Yes easy, good to have standardised pro forms every week’
‘its good how the page keeps moving up automatically’
Liked monitoring scores2‘Yes it is very easy and I liked the graphical representation of the data’
Liked effect of awareness raising / thought provoking2‘Yes - just made me think carefully about my condition’
‘Very easy, didn’t take much time, really useful for making me think about my own behaviours and pain’
Had difficulties3 (3.5)Disliked format e.g. standardisation, layout6‘yes. I don’t like the fact it scrolls down automatically - on the marker sections’
‘Found it relatively easy to use sometimes hard to use the markers though’
‘yes, although sometimes the answer is between stated levels’
‘Sometimes the questions were too generic but on the whole helpful’
‘didn’t like all of the save and continue buttons’
Technical problems6‘Programme did not always respond’
‘It was fantastic, until the links stopped coming’
‘It’s difficult to select a score of zero’
‘Yes it was easy to use, however things not so good is the that the tool crashes and logs out if you press return’
‘t could not be used on a phone by those like me who are unable to sit’
No3 (3.5)Difficult to record physical activity5‘Easy, but difficult to categorise some activities, e.g. moderate exercise doubles tennis for me would be vigorous’
‘It is not easy to state how much time I spend each day doing various exercises because I swim on 2 days a week I take a long walk one day a week and so on’
‘I would have preferred a table to complete, as each week and day was different in terms of activity’
Disliked time / frequency of use3‘yes if a bit long’
‘fortnightly would be better’
‘Should be done on a monthly basis’
Felt it was too simplistic6‘easy to use but bit of a blunt instrument in providing details of daily activities’
‘sometimes other medical factors effect the spondy scores, no scoring mechanism allows for this effect’
‘easy to use, but not linked other factors, e.g. weather, different location, change in medication, or diet change’
‘I would have liked to be able to expand some of the answers”

n = 93 (includes findings from 1 early withdrawal participant); however, not all participants provided free-text comments.