Table 1

Descriptive statistical analysis of the efficient use of LHIMS by respondents

StatementSDDNASAWeighted averageInterpretation
I can use the LHIMS without written instructions471352475741233.52Agree
Using the LHIMS helps me provide the appropriate service for the patient521692675011373.45Agree
It is easy to get the LHIMS to do what I want it to do29982065951983.74Agree
I can complete a task quickly using the LHIMS28762275842113.78Agree
Interaction with the LHIMS requires less mental effort22752166161973.79Agree
Learning to operate the LHIMS was easy for me311162535491773.64Agree
LHIMS requires fewer steps possible to accomplish a task381322475621473.58Agree
I am familiar with the items on the screen of the LHIMS421242175811623.62Agree
An increased time is required to enter patient information371372135611783.63Agree
LHIMS is simple to use281062135981813.71Agree
I can recover from mistakes quickly and easily when using the LHIMS22542526111873.79Agree
Using the LHIMS gives me more control to handle patient treatment/service on time331052295831763.68Agree
Using the LHIMS reduces the time spent by a client at the Unit611492095191883.55Agree
  • Source: Agyemang, 2021.

  • Weighted average=∑wx/∑w.

  • Interpretation: 1.0–1.79=SD; 1.80–2.59=D; 2.60–3.39=N; 3.40–4.19=A; 4.20–5.00=SA.

  • A, agree; D, disagree; LHIMS, lightwave health information management system; N, neutral; SA, strongly agree; SD, strongly disagree.