Table 1

Inclusion and exclusion criteria for title and abstract screening

Title and abstract screeningThe publication contains research on a CDSS to support clinical decision.Literature reviews, study protocols, commentaries and editorials were excluded; grey literature was not considered.
The publication describes the implementation of the CDSS in clinical practice.The publication has no abstract or full text available.
The CDSS is used by healthcare professionals to support decision-making.The publication is written in any language other than English and Italian.
The publication contains outcomes to measure the effect of the CDSS.The publication contains a digital tool that does not provide decision support.
The interventional or observational study analysed includes a comparison between the clinical decision performed with or without the CDSS.The publication contains a digital tool to be used only by patients and caregivers.
The publication contains an algorithm or a score not implemented in a computerised system.
The publication describes telemedicine approaches.
  • CDSS, Clinical Decision Support Systems.