Table 1

Details of the OIAM dataset used in this work, with patient information for the complete dataset

ICPC-2 codeNo of transcripts%
A: General145.9
B: Blood, blood forming83.3
D: Digestive4418.4
F: Eye52.1
H: Ear114.6
K: Circulatory3213.4
L: Musculoskeletal6527.2
N: Neurological208.4
P: Psychological5020.9
R: Respiratory3715.5
S: Skin3213.4
T: Metabolic, endocrine, nutritional2410.0
U: Urinary187.5
W: Pregnancy, family planning114.6
X: Female genital145.9
Y: Male genital72.9
Total ICPC-2 code labels392164
Total unique consultations239100
No of ICPC-2 codes assigned to a consultation (see figure 1)
Duration (minutes)
Dataset statistics below are for the original patient sample of N=334.16 This information was not available to compute for the N=239 subset in our experimentsNo of patients%
 Not reported144.2
Ethnic group
IMD (Indices of Multiple Deprivation) quintile
 1st (least deprived)10631.7
 5th (most deprived)8425.1
 Data unavailable20.6
  • ICPC-2, International Classification of Primary Care-2; OIAM, One in a Million.