Table 3

Representative quotes for qualitative analysis

Infrastructure and training
What was the most difficult part of implementing virtual care (telephone or video)?Please share your best experience with VVs.
  • Lack of support from staff/IT when problems arise. I do not believe clinicians should have to do more than basic troubleshooting. (Primary are)

  • Patient familiarity and ability to use technology. (Internal medicine subspecialty)

  • Schedulers not being sure when to offer a virtual visit to established patients. (Surgery)

  • Clear video and audio. [VV are] more efficient visit than in a clinic [visit]. (Primary care)

  • Honestly when technology works on both sides without any troubleshooting. (Primary care)

  • Talking to a 72-year-old [patient] through to getting on [the platform] and the joy of him talking with me (via video). (Internal medicine subspecialty)

What was the most difficult part of implementing virtual care (telephone or video)?Please share your best experience with VVs.
  • It is exhausting to maintain alliances and interpersonal connections virtually. (Behavioural health)

  • A limited number of issues are to be addressed without an office visit. (Primary care)

  • We know that we are missing something in not having in-person contact. (Behavioural health)

  • [Telehealth] allowed me to connect with patients in different ways than when they come to the clinic: seeing their pets, their homes, and other family members. They also saw me in a different light, more human, more approachable, and facing the same challenges. The video visit levels the playing field in terms of hierarchy compared to a clinic visit. (Internal medicine subspecialty)

  • During a VV for obesity the patient was checking out at a grocery store and I asked to see what was in his cart. (Surgery)

Expectation setting for providers and patients
Please share your worst experience with VVs.Please share your best experience with VVs.
  • Typically, when patients don't respect the visit as an actual doctor’s visit. I've had patients driving, in Walmart, at the barber. In all of those instances, we had to reschedule the visits. (Surgery)

  • Patients need help with setting up virtual visits and virtual visit etiquette‚ for example, choosing the proper location, lighting, etc. (Internal medicine subspecialty)

  • Somehow get patients to understand and accept that a video visit cannot be conducted while other competing activities are going on at the same time. (Primary care)

  • Often patients are “pleasantly surprised” with the ease of a VV visit and happy with the care/outcome of the visit. (Surgery)

  • Multiple patients who initially expressed skepticism at the efficacy of a virtual visit commented that it met their needs at end of the visit. (Primary care)

  • The feedback I receive from patients is that it’s so convenient and my satisfaction with working from home when I have back-to-back virtual visits. (Surgery)

  • VV, video visit.