Table 1

Use cases of IAM technology deployed in hospital COVID-19 response by value and functional focus

Use case valueUse case functional focus
Infection control and patient safetySSO enabled clinicians to attest being symptom free at shift start
Infection control and patient safetySSO deployed for exposure and contact tracing of facility clinicians
Infection control and patient safetySSO deployed to enable mandatory clinician temperature checks/reporting
Infection control, patient safety and PPE supply chain managementInpatient telehealth consults and virtual inpatient rounding in isolation units to reduce infection risk and rate of PPE consumption
Infection control and patient/family well-being and psychosocial supportMobile devices enabled virtual visits between isolated patients and families
Infection control and expedited authentication and workflowsSSO rapidly authenticated into mobile devices without touching screens
Infection control and maintenance of facility organisational effectiveness and work productivitySecure access enabled for rapid expansion of personnel working remotely
Organisational staffing management, accountability and work productivitySSO monitored attendance of temporary workers
  • Key:

  • IAM, identity access and management; PPE, personal protective equipment; SSO, single sign-on.