Table 1

Summary of criteria included in the initial HIV case detection algorithm

Surveillance criteriaConditionLaboratoryDiagnosisPharmacy
Laboratory-confirmed evidenceAPresence of positive HIV antibody or HIV DNA PCR (in children <12 months) or result of detectable viral load
Presumptive clinical evidenceB1Presence of at least three HIV-related ICD-10 eventsReport of antiretroviral drugs for at least three visits
B2Result of CD4 test result <200 cell countPresence of one or two HIV-related ICD-10 event
Probable clinical evidenceC1Presence of at least one HIV-related ICD-10 event
C2Report of antiretroviral drugs for at least two clinic visits, dated more than 60 days apart
Possible clinical evidenceD1Report of antiretroviral drugs for two clinic visits, dated less than or equal to 60 days apart
  • ICD-10, International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision.