Table 3

T stage, recurrence and metastatic disease identified in the NIHR HIC colorectal cancer research database through NLP of imaging, endoscopy and/or histopathology reports for all patients who had surgical excision at one of the pilot sites

CharacteristicRadical resection or local excision
Number of participants2124 (100%)
Maximum T stage
 031 (1.5%)
 is (in situ)0 (0%)
 1195 (9.2%)
 2369 (17.4%)
 3954 (44.9%)
 4460 (21.7%)
 X2 (0.1%)
 Not known113 (5.3%)
Recurrence or metastasis
 Recurrence or metastasis detected769 (36.2%)
  Metastasis present around time of diagnosis286 (13.5%)
 Not detected1355 (63.8%)
  • HIC, Health Informatics Collaborative; NIHR, National Institute for Health Research; NLP, natural language processing.