The computer was used for reviewing interactively with the patient between 209 and 312 but during prescribing a period of c. 30 secs involved exclusive computer use when drugs were being selected. The dialogue during prescribing is shown below.
Timing(s)TalkComputer Use
209–312Reviewing medications with patient and computerReviewing
312–333GP Okay, so just 2 out of your regular em.. okay.. and the question is whether we treat this… Are you allergic to any antibiotics?Prescribing – Selecting Drugs
333–336P No not that I know ofSelecting Drugs
336–366GP Just seeing what you were... (GP typing)... I’ll just give you a low dose …Selecting Drugs (block use: ‘think time’)
366–367P At times it’s really prickly you know
367–386GP Yup... Well I think whether it’s an infection or whether it’s from the phlebitis which is the other condition you just have to hangin there really with it and take painkillers, keep it elevatedwhen you’re sitting downNavigating through system options, pause thenspeaks after sending script to print
386–389P YesPrescription being printed