Table 1

Cohort statistics

NAFL inclusive modellingNon-NAFL modelling
NASHAt-risk controlsNASHAt-risk controls
Patients (n)152 4761 312 351104 2191 265 649
Patient cross-sections (n)265 7851 328 897172 4231 281 376
 Age in years, mean (SD)57.3 (13.4)55.8 (15.7)57.6 (13.4)55.8 (15.9)
 Sex (female) (%)59.859.459.058.0
NASH identification criteria (%)
 NASH ICD-1070.3076.70
 NASH proxy29.7023.30
Inclusion criteria (%)
 Type 2 diabetes67.156.370.456.4
 Metabolic syndrome2.
Comorbidities (%)
 Morbid (severe) obesity17.410.017.09.7
 Abnormal results of liver function studies14.
 Abnormal levels of other serum enzymes12.
Procedures (%)
 Liver biopsy1.0<1.0<1.0<1.0
 Liver panel14.
 Abdominal ultrasound29.15.714.64.1
 Comprehensive metabolic panel9.
Specialty visits (%)
  • Diagnoses, procedures and physician specialty visit information is derived from medical and prescription claims data captured during each patient cross-section lookback period.

  • ICD-10, International Classiication of Disease-10; NAFL, non-alcoholic fatty liver; NASH, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.