Table 2

Regulatory bodies and employment sectors (N=152)

Regulatory bodyn (%)
Nursing and Midwifery Council13 (9)
Health and Care Professions Council8 (5)
General Medical Council6 (4)
General Dental Council2 (1)
General Pharmaceutical Council2 (1)
Social Work England2 (1)
Social Care Wales1 (1)
General Chiropractic Council0 (0)
General Optical Council0 (0)
General Osteopathic Council0 (0)
Northern Ireland Social Care Council0 (0)
Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland0 (0)
Scottish Social Services Council0 (0)
Scottish Care0 (0)
None of the above91 (60)
Other: FEDIP/UKCHIP (n=4), UK Council for Psychotherapy (n=2), IAHSI (n=2), BACP (n=2), ISC (n=2), NWIS (n=2), Society and College of Radiographers, NCS, Public Health, CPCAB, Care Quality Commission, Association of Clinical Biochemists, Institute of Biomedical Science, IHM, European Resuscitation Council, EFMI, IMIA, BCS, NHS Trust, ACCA, ISACA, IAPP, SABSA Institute28 (18)
Which sectors do you or did you work in?n (%)
NHS110 (72)
Corporate IT33 (22)
Academia/education24 (16)
Research/consultancy23 (15)
Primary care23 (15)
Secondary care22 (15)
Local government20 (13)
Voluntary sector20 (13)
Freelance/independent18 (12)
Industry15 (10)
Third sector14 (9)
National government12 (8)
Intermediate care10 (7)
Emergency care9 (6)
Social work9 (6)
Performance8 (5)
Other community-based support services8 (5)
Residential care (adults)6 (4)
Care at home6 (4)
Residential care (older people)5 (3)
Residential care (children)3 (2)
Day care services (adults)3 (2)
Housing support2 (1)
Day care services (children)2 (1)
Day care services (older people)1 (1)
Other: ExE for CQC—adult social care, civil service—defence primary healthcare, social care system software supplier, project management and business analysis, mental healthcare, social care membership body, consultancy, government departments, NIHR and HDRUK13 (9)
  • NHS, National Health Services.