Table 3

Interest in health and other BCS specialist groups and branch committees (N=152)

Which of these existing health and other BCS specialist groups are you interested in or signed up to follow?n (%)
Primary Care44 (29)
National Mental Health25 (16)
Health Nursing22 (14)
Health & Care Wales17 (11)
Health & Care Northern15 (10)
Health & Care Scotland10 (7)
None of the above57 (38)
Other: BCS Women (n=2), AI (n=2), Health Informatics, Primary Care, Health Nursing, Health London & South East, Health London, GP Specialist Group, Health Informatics, Social Care, Allied Health Professions, Acute, Genomics, Clinical Best Practise, Telemedicine, SGAI, District Nursing and community care, London Medical12 (8)
Are there any other existing BCS specialist group areas you are interested in or signed up to follow?
Information Management54 (36)
Project Management52 (34)
Learning & Development39 (26)
Ethics, Law & Diversity in IT35 (23)
Business & Consultancy33 (22)
Strategy & Architecture32 (21)
Future of Computing30 (20)
Security29 (19)
Software Development28 (18)
History of Computing17 (11)
None of the above14 (9)
Other: BCS Women, AI, Software Testing, Data Scientist, IRMA, Elite IT, Digital Informatics and Data Analytics (BI, AI and Machine Learning), North London, Data Management, Central London, SGAI, Artificial Intelligence14 (9)
Are you or have you ever been a member of your local branch committee?
No—not interested67 (44)
No—wasn’t aware of opportunity52 (34)
Yes—currently21 (14)
Yes—in the past11 (7)
  • BCS, British Computer Society.